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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  March 8, 2014 2:37am-2:52am EST

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hey, everybody. i'm beth troutman. great videos are coming your way, "right this minute." he knows you're not allowed to jump off a cruise ship, but one dude decides he can't resist the temptation. the story of one impulsive moment that led to a lifetime ban. a 3-year-old donates her long locks because -- >> i don't want any bad -- >> the story behind young emily's sweet sacrifice. a father gets in position for his snowmobiler son. >> he's going to jump over dad. >> meet the brave man whoit adms he had some second thoughts. >> i then realized what i was
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doing. and a dude finally corners a very large fighter. why he says this is not his finest moment. on a carnival cruise ship, absolutely stunning view in turks an caicos, the cruise ship is about to dock. look at the water. how can you not jump in it, right? >> looks very inviting. >> guess who thought, i can't esist the tptation of jumping watching. he climbs over the railing and without even second guessing himself, he jumps right in off of the carnival cruise ship. isn't that illegal? >> this is why people going missing on cruise ships. >> now what? he starts swimming to shore. you can see his face. he's cracking up, having a good old time. this is awesome. >> no, it is not, is it? >> no. when he got to shore, authorities found him. they brought him back on to ship, only to kick him off the
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ship. >> send his butt home. >> without a refund. >> so from that island he was flown on a small plane, and sent home, expensive. he is going to be responsible. >> his buddies get kicked off too? >> they didn't get kicked off. but apparently the captain and employees found the friends because they were able to identify them on surveillance video. they took their phones and made them erase the pictures and video from the jump. carnival did send them a letter banning him for life from carnival cruises. apparently he was surprised at their reaction. he didn't think that they were going to get this bent out of shape about it. >> i wonder if this will black ball him from other cruise lines too. >> instead of no fly list, a no cruise list. how did he know if the water was deep up in, but if it is deep enough for a cruise ship, it is probably deep enough for him.
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this video can be difficult to watch. this is surveillance footage from inside a train station in sao paulo, brazil. watch the platform as the train is entering the station, 7:00 in the morning. we also see surveillance footage from inside the train as it is pulling in to that station. watch what happens. keep your eye on the right-hand side of the screen. >> oh, no. >> the push. >> that was a woman who was pushed by another person inside that train station. remarkably this woman did survive the impact with the train. the conductor of the train couldn't do anything. there was no way to stop the person pushed just as the train was right there where that woman was standing is. >> was there some sort of argument? did they know each other? what happened? >> according to reports, this woman did not know this man and bystanders reported this man who pushed her ran away laughing. you can see him right here, leaving the train station, in a
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hurry. this woman was taken to a local hospital. unfortunately she had to have her right arm amputated in order to save her life. but she is alive. and to make this more heart breaking, this was her birthday. she was headed out to celebrate with family members. her brother reported she normally takes the bus, had missed the bus on that particular day, and took the train for that reason and that reason only. >> what a random act of horror. you're just standing there, never expect somebody to push you from behind like that. >> without provocation at all. she was just there waiting for the train. could have been anyone on this platform. >> police originally released the surveillance footage because they wanted it find this man. and thanks to an anonymous tip, they did arrest a 33-year-old man. police say the man should be charged with attempted murder, and they say he did confess to the crime, and did admit he did not know the woman. always fun when dad gets to act like a kid again. behind the camera is evan.
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now, dad is russell. russell and evan are hanging out. they have pretty crazy idea for dad to do here. >> okay, you got to capture it just like that. >> run over there pretty quick. >> i know. >> go, go, go, go. this is going to be insane. >> they're hatching their plan. you got to film it like this. you run over there, go quick. dad is going to lay down here and you're noticing some tracks. a snowmobiler in the area, caden, he's 15 years old, he's an up and coming snowmobile racer, he's going to jump over dad. >> no! >> caden, does he know he's going to lay down? >> yeah. they're all in on it and dad is going to get the shot. >> you're crazy. yeah, you should be. i can't believe you. >> oh, no. >> oh. >> and there he goes. >> perfect. >> it is awesome. >> absolutely perfect. in that moment, russell became an even bigger hero to his son. you want to see the footage,
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right? watch this. there it is. >> that was sick. >> makes it even more special. dad, russell and son evan had to spend the last five years apart from each other because of a divorce. this was their first weekend back together. dad moved to wyoming to be closer to evan. he wanted to teach evan how to edit, shoot video and this was evan's first video. he said what better way to do it than having fun, having a snowmobiler jump over dad. we have russell and evan joining us "right this minute." we're glad you're alive, first of all. >> i am too. >> how did you hatch this plan? >> this was actually hatched by caden, the snowmobiler. i thought, wow, this would be cool to do in front of my son with him filming. when i laid down, i then realized what i was doing. but it was definitely a scary moment. i knew caden was going to be able to jump over that. i had been watching him. it was an easy stunt.
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>> what did that feel like? >> i didn't feel anything at all. the snowmobile made a turn around the track and i didn't hear anything for a while. i got a little scared and all of a sudden it just came like a railroad train. >> so what is the consensus about how your first weekend together went after so much time? >> when you're separated for such a long period of time, you have to try to kind of feel him out to find out what will he want to do, and i figured he would love the camera. he loved it. you can see how excited he was with the video. it turned out to be a great weekend. as you watch this piece, you're going to be looking for your heart because it is about to be stolen by 3-year-old emily. >> sometimes people get sick and their hair falls out. that's really, really sad. my name is emily. >> as you see, her hair is super long and her parents are, like,
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okay, time for a haircut. they thought it might be a cool thing to do to donate her hair. she loved the idea. immediately agreed to it. with one condition. that if she cut her hair, her dolly had to cut her hair too. to have a heart that big at that age and that level of awareness. that's remarkable. >> this is my -- matthew gets my hair. >> matthew is the owner of the studio where emily got her haircut. >> i don't want anything bad. i want to give them my hair. >> there we go. they're able to cut seven inches of her hair to donate. >> i have more hair. just cut some off and give it to someone. >> i love her. >> i do too. >> i told you, your heart, gone.
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history. >> i got nothing to say. play the video. >> i tried to stay nice and still while matthew cuts my hair. just like my dolly. >> they they have thave the sam. her video went viral. people captivated by the compassion in emily's heart. they found a salon in british columbia called 360 hair. they'll take short pieces of hair like emily's and make custom wigs for pediatric cancer patients. >> what an awesome kid. good job, parents. that's all i got to say, wow. >> me and my dolley look so nny. a driver goes demolition erby to -- >> mash some metal. w whatpe hapns >> but the doors are crushed
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shut. so he's goot t get out through the window. does get the help of a nearby firefighter to get him out of there. i think that was an ice cream truck that hit him. looks like an old ice cream truck. that's terrifying. >> tnlhe oy thing that would be better if the music was playing while he smashed into it. ladies at weddings can be ruthless. ruthless. cut throat when it comes to the -- here we are at zoe and lee's wedding on the beach. these ladies are pumped. always one girl that comes out and says, hey, girl, i'll be in th try to hit me with the bouquet. >> so beautiful. >> she goes back, right? >> clearly there is a couple who don't care. these three back here, red, orange and this other girl, they don't care. they're just there because somebody said you're single, get out there. between these five ladies in the front, one, two, three, four, five, who do you got in. >> the lady with the hat. >> the lady with the hat. sh


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